What is Effective Fraud Prevention Strategy for Business, Corporates and other Organizations?

Business fraud is driven by fraudsters who discover and attack our weaknesses ‘by osmosis’. Whilst any single fraud event is not particularly clever or original, the overall effect of ‘the fraud collective’ manages to cleverly beat us time and time again.

Why is this? How do they do it and most importantly, what can we do to fight back? First, the problems:

• Let’s explore what fraudsters are doing — not the individual scams but what they are doing to us, our fraud losses and to the market.

• Then we’ll try to define what we need to be doing better in our organizations, whether we are banks, processors or other parties within the ‘fraudulent transaction.’ Think of this as a snapshot of some of the key areas to look at and challenges that we see.

• And lastly, let’s look at what we can do to stop fraudsters and for fraud prevention techniques; or more likely, to divert them toward our competitors or toward other industries.

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