RiskSkill – Risk Review Services Launched

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Bill Trueman, director of the UKFraud an independent global fraud watchdog, has formed an independent organization i.e RiskSkill which will provide its risk services globally. RiskSkill will consists of highly experienced eminent risk professionals, risk specialists and risk advisers who will provide their services to corporates, enterprises, banks, businesses and other commercial organizations for risk review, risk management, compliance solutions, due dilligence, legalities & ethical conduct, etc. to prevent them from big losses and headaches.

Whether you are a big organization or small organization if you are exposed to risks, big challenges, exposures, compliance problems, or any kind of risk, RiskSkill can provide you solutions for all this so that you can save millions. For more information on RiskSkill and their services visit their website at http://www.riskskill.com


Risk Review Services for Business Organizations Launched

What I love about the work that we do is that it is so high profile and saves our clients so much money. When a primary focus is upon, say, delivering a stronger customer service, changing the culture within an organization, establishing better communications (whatever that means), or some element of project management; these projects are appreciated; but of little consequence compared to saving an organization that we save €10 million for. This also takes us and our reputations into a different direction.

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Many specialists, consultants or advisors enter a business and present a ‘generic’ programme of work for a business in order to solve (or not) a problem, with a rather formulaic solution; and it is just these types of specialists that we want to follow into organisations. A big AAA business – such as a processor, a bank or an insurance company will be left floundering about what to DO and how to actually achieve savings now that they have their ‘shiny’ new process, risk engine or ‘new line of defence’. But this is all fun for us – and we set to work in two distinct phases:

a) Risk Review of what has been done so far, and then how and where the losses are being seen and managed; followed by

b) A bespoke program of corporate risk review that is needed to start making the savings that the business is searching for. We either leave a business to deliver the program that we prescribe, or more often, help them deliver the savings – as this is where the culture change, delivery focus and business transformation stuff starts.

And that, combined all the fun of seeing the savings ‘come-in’ is where all the satisfaction lies. For more information on our risk review services click here.

Bill Trueman is director of UKFraud and RiskSkill

UK Fraud Launches New Total Risk Operation for Corporates.

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Leading fraud prevention consultancy UKFraud (www.ukfraud.co.uk) has launched a new risk consultancy operation called Riskskill (www.riskskill.com). The new operation delivers ‘total risk’ assessments for major corporations. These are aimed at solving problems and engineering bespoke risk reduction solutions anywhere across the business including: organisational, management, financial control and IT.

The assessments analyse those areas where organisations could be at risk, including: fraud, cyber crime breaches, bad debts and other write-offs, along with compliance penalties and legal losses. Having identified specific areas of risk, Riskskill will draft detailed business process, measurement, HR and IT system change plans. The plans which are backed-up by comprehensive coaching, training and mentoring programmes aimed at engineering ground-up solutions throughout the client’s organisation and systems.

Assessments are based upon proven analysis techniques used by UKFraud in the fraud and business consultancy sectors. The new operation draws upon both UKFraud’s resources and a selection of experienced ‘best of breed’ risk consultants, each a specialist in their own field.

Bill Trueman, the CEO of UKFraud and of the new Riskskill operation, believes that the new consultancy offers a radical alternative to major corporations suffering loss across the enterprise. In his view, “If the shareholders of some companies knew of the risks that their organisations faced, there would be many more demands for greater accountability and calls for changes to board membership at AGMs. However, in many cases the risks and exposures are played down or even concealed. Sometimes they are simply attributed to economic and external factors, rather than addressed.

“Major corporations are somewhat slow at making major reactive changes. However, they are also slow at implementing longer-term strategies to address risk ‘gaps’. As a result, they can often be aware of risk and the related or potential losses, but cannot adapt fast enough to manage the change required professionally. Sometimes the risk hot-spots fall between organisational silos so that no one area of the business is responsible. In these cases, what is needed is a more radical approach. It maybe that an IT related solution is required on the one hand, or simply a specific organisational change on the other. However, it frequently takes an experienced external viewpoint to spot, monitor, analyse and eliminate the risk fully.

“From our experience, most organisations are needlessly at risk across a range of areas and often the consequential losses could be a major threat to business performance. However, these risks can usually be identified quickly and effective plans drawn up. By utilising Riskskill, organisations can appreciate quickly the level of risk they are running and therein plan to reduce this rapidly.”

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